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SATURDAY 07/05/11

Dougie Lampkin's bid to win the 2011 Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT) and to achieve a record breaking sixth victory at this World famous event has come to a bitter end for the thirty-five year old veteran. Making his full outdoor debut on his factory Gas Gas machine, ex multi FIM World champion Lampkin made a strong start to the week and enjoyed a share of the lead on the first day alongside his team mate Michael Brown. Whilst Brown was to steal the advantage on day two, Dougie was back in front and in control by the mid point of this almost week long unique competition.

However disaster was to strike late on Thursday, when Lampkin crashed heavily in the last group at Fersit, this not only added five marks to his score and doubled his overall total, but also left him with a badly injured left ankle. Typically despite being diagnosed as having severe ligament damage and being told by the doctor not to continue to ride, following a thorough examination at the local hospital, Dougie defied both the medical advice and the pain barrier to ride yesterday in order to keep his dream alive.

Barely able to walk let alone survive the toughest day of the trial to date yesterday, Lampkin paid the price for his brave efforts as his ankle swelled further last night. Although Dougie was immediately aware that he would not be able to compete in the final day of this year's SSDT he waited until this morning to finally confirm his retirement from the trial, after the miracle he prayed for failed to materialise.

A very dejected Dougie stated. "I came here this week with only one thing in mind and I have failed to achieve it, so I am totally gutted. The mistake at Fersit on Thursday was all my own doing so I have no one else to blame but me. Immediately I knew I was in trouble as I have done the ligaments in my left ankle before."

"The doctor at the hospital was fantastic and was not happy when I told him I wanted to ride on Friday, as he warned me that I would risk doing further damage to my ankle. Yesterday was hell, but I had to try as I hate losing and hate having to retire even more. Last night it was clear my ankle was even worse than before, after having ridden on it all day."

Lampkin continued. "I called the Gas Gas factory last night and explained the situation to them and everyone agreed that it was important not to do anymore damage to the ligaments than I have already done, to at least give me some chance of riding in Germany at the first World event next weekend."

"I am bitterly disappointed as this is only the second time in my long career that I have been forced to retire due to injury, and quitting is not something I am at all comfortable with. I can only apologise to everyone who has supported me this week, as it is not the outcome we were all looking for."

"I would like to congratulate the club for putting on a great event this week, and for reaching one hundred years, it is an incredible achievement for all those who have been involved over the years. Rest assured I am more determined than ever to be back next year to get my sixth win and to be the first winner of the next hundred years. " Ended Dougie.

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